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Sausage Parmigiana


Sausage & Eggs


Sausage & Pepeprs


Sausage 7 Onions


Veal Cutlet Parmigiana


Veal Cutlet Hero


Veal & Peppers


Veal Cacciatore




Meatball Parmigiana


Meatball & Peppers


Chicken Parmigiana


Chicken Cutlet Hero


Grilled Chicken w/ Lettuse & Tomato


Peppers & Eggs


Potato & Eggs


Fried Shrimp


Shrimp Parmigiana


Shrimp Mariana


Steak Hero


Steak & Onions


Steak & Peppers


Steak & Mushrooms


Salami & Provolone


Tuna & Tomato


Tuna & Onions


Fried Filet


Eggplant Parmigiana

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